ShibSuperStore Blog #2

5 min readApr 1, 2022


Key Points

  • New App that will be available for both Andriod and Apple.
  • Ad revenue from Bricks Buster and Candy Trips.
  • Ad revenue from Zombie Assassins and our Website.
  • Products Summary and revenue.
Photo by Petr Magera on Unsplash

Welcome Back!

Hope you are all doing great, we want to start by saying thank you for supporting us through the good and the bad times. A lot of drama has been going on in the community lately and we hope it all stops, lets comeback together, spread love and keep building.

On that note, we have been working on an application for quite sometime now, we introduce to you SHIBSPHERE VERSION 1.0:

We debated a lot about starting this project as it is nothing spectacular, but after we showed some people our initial design, to our surprise people ($shib holders and non $shib holders) actually liked it. So we went ahead and started working on it, we are happy to announce that ShibSphere is completed. We are just finishing up the process of andriod and apple review.

Our biggest struggle with this project was how we monetize the app and not annoy users from the outside world, having ads just show up over and over ruins the experience for everyone even the $shibarmy. We hope that our conclusion on advertisement placements satisfies both the $shibarmy and users that have nothing to do with $shib. Our goal at ShibSuperStore has always been to bring as much value as we can to the $SHIB community, and the general public while burning $SHIB.

Creating a product that everyone (not just $SHIB holders) can use and actually enjoy is hard to do especially when there is always a better options out there, so why should they choose us? ShibSphere is a very simple concept yet a valuable one, somethings that the $shibholders and the rest of the world have in common is social media, memes, comedy and many more. ShibSpere could really find its place in the real world especially if people get to love our design and layout. People love simple & dynamic designs, which is why our focus was to keep ShibSphere simple.

Over time we will keep working on ShibShpere, we will keep improving & updating it based on new things we learn and majority requests, this will be a long project that we will be working on for years to come, all our updates will hopefully be significantly better than previous versions.

The idea behind ShibShpere is to keep people positive and motivated as they go through their day and use social media. We have a lot of ideas for our next update but we want to get feedbacks first on this version (1.0).

Important: We do not have any official release date since we are currently in the process of apple and andriod review, We will burn 90% of the revenue coming from ShibSphere.

ShibSuperStore is still growing, learning new things and experimenting different ideas, which leads us to the next topic.

Bricks Buster , Candy Trips, Zombie Assassins and Website Revenue.

All our apps are connected to the same GoogleAds account, this is where we get paid. Google determines how much CPM we get, when we get paid and they have every power to either pay us more or less per 1000 views.

Bricks Buster and Candy Trips are currently both of our biggest revenue generators with BB making approximately 85% to 90% of the total revenue. After the successful launch of Candy Trips we thought that based on its CPM we would have the best month (which we were on route to do) until unexpected variables came into play. We completely ignored possible setbacks like, google not paying enough CPMs, Andriod still not monetizing the app, bugs, and people completing the game faster than we expected.

Unfortunately Candy Trips did not perform how we expected it to, if anything it took some steam away from Bricks Buster that was already doing great. But this is all part of the process, not every idea will go as planned, as long as we keep growing and building we will be fine.

On the other side, Zombie Assassin and Our website are both our lowest revenue generators. Zombie Assassins has always had a low CPM so this was not a surprise to us. Our website on the other hand has actually performed significantly better than we expected. We are constantly trying different approach to gain knowledge and ideas on how we should layout ads on our website to see what gives us the most revenue. We are hoping by the time we find a layout that works for us we will get more revenue from the website alone.


We currently have 7 total products on our website, three $shib beauty products (a Mask, Night cream and Face moisturizer), $Shib vitamin, $Shib suds, $Shib dog treats and a product from STFT (Pine tree planter).

note: We made a total of $8,437 from the games and $106.87 from the products which brings us to a grand total of $8,543 in march.

In conclusion, although our performance for march was not what we expected we were consistent, usually we get a few really high days and very small days but in March we were consistently around the same amount.

Thank you very much for your support and we hope April will be a better month. Please make sure to be kind, share love and laugh.